paracombe oval from above

Our School

Paracombe Primary School is situated in the Adelaide Hills approximately 30 kilometres North East of Adelaide. It was established in 1910 but was rebuilt in 1981.

Our school has 3 classrooms and an enrolment of approximately 70 students.

Our school is situated in idyllic surroundings and we are very proud of the grounds – we have a tennis court, a good sized oval, a sand pit and a fabulous new playground.

We offer personalised focused learning in many areas including: Stem, Arts, Choir, Active Learning, Camps, Performance, Public Speaking, Technology, 3D Printing, Sporting Schools, Japanese, and Gardening.

Curriculum Design

The development of competence in Literacy and Numeracy underpins all learning. Curriculum design is strengthened by the belief that the learner is at the centre of all that occurs in classrooms. Literacy and Numeracy are core curriculum areas with students engaging in a minimum of 300 minutes of each
area per week. Upper Primary students build on basic concepts and develop an ability to explore abstract notions of number representation and calculation. The teaching team collaboratively plan the curriculum to ensure all of the students are engaged in the same learning outcomes.

Community Focus

Staff and students work together weekly to build our community profile: gardening, cooking, building in
metal and restoring, maintaining and creating school treasures. We are lucky to be supported in these
endeavours by a strong volunteer base.

Preschool Enrolment

Welcome to Preschool, our preschool transitioned from the Houghton Primary School Site to our brand new facility at Paracombe in term 3, 2022.


The Preschool provides an engaging and supportive natural environment which caters for children who are 3 – 5 years of age. Children can attend for 15 hours a week and are eligible to receive four terms of preschool. Aboriginal children may attend from the age of 3. In line with new regulations all children now must show proof of immunisation and birth certificate before enrolment.

The Preschool is currently open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and alternate Thursdays 9:00 – 3:00. We also facilitate a Playgroup on Friday mornings from 9am – 11am.