Paracombe Primary & Preschool: Through Community we thrive

At Paracombe we collaboratively provide a solid foundation where students are supported to actively learn, thrive, and be respectful, innovative risk takers.

Students: are encouraged to think creatively and critically; aspire for excellence and give voice to personal and community endeavours.

Staff: utilise their skills and expertise across P-6 to connect students to their community, the world and learning milestones.

Families: support and promote engagement within and beyond the classroom, building on the resources of our unique community to enhance programs.

Mission: To creatively maximise resources to personalise a success pathway for every student; incorporating Now, New, Next

Preschool is a unique transition from home learning to collaborative Education. Please take time to read our Preschool Philosophy

kindy outside play
mud play cooking
preschool inside play

Preschool Philosophy Statement

Experience the Belonging, enjoy the Being and look forward to the Becoming.

Through Community we thrive.

We are a community of learners acknowledging the Peramangk and Kaurna people who were here before us; connecting to the land and continuing the caring for the environment for future generations.

Belonging; in early childhood and throughout life: respectful, caring, and loving relationships are crucial to a sense of belonging. (Early Years Learning Framework)
Being; in the moment of being young: curious, risk-taking adventurers who are playful explorers of their own world.

Becoming; we lay the foundations through play, as young children learn and grow to become participating members of the community and society.

Our Preschool works in partnership with Playgroup, Preschool families, Paracombe Primary School, and all associated communities. We facilitate strong community connections and transitions within our unique learning environment, celebrating nature and children’s wellbeing.

Our Preschool community has a partnership with our local natural environment, we understand the responsibility to care for it, play with and in it, learn from it and give back to it where we can.

Educators support, encourage and guide children to co-construct their learning and to become documenters of their successes and discoveries, incorporating their own interests and discovering their identity.

We frame our planning using the Early Years Learning Framework connecting to our P-6 site focus:

Now, New and Next for every child – through community we thrive.