paracombe oval from above

Upper Primary

In the Upper Primary, Paracombe students are immersed in innovative and collaborative learning. Students work in partnership to develop critical thinking skills, focusing on becoming independent and resilient learners, in readiness for high school.


The introduction of 1:1 Chromebooks has ensured students are motivated and informed learners who develop 21st century skills. The Australian Curriculum is implemented in the Upper Primary with a strong focus on Literacy and Numeracy development, supporting both intervention and stretch.


Leadership opportunities are extended through enterprise learning, leadership conferences, library roles, and organising special school and community events. Students extend their creativity through The Arts including the Festival of Music Choir and the end of year school performance.

UP Leadership

SAPSASA School Sports

Team building and personal wellbeing are encouraged at Paracombe Primary School though SAPSASA School Sports, where students participate in a range of sports. Athletics, netball and football are always a highlight of the Upper Primary years.

SAPSASA school sports
SAPSASA school sports


Students in the Upper Primary are challenged with new activities and experiences during camp each year. At Paracombe Primary School we utilise a range of camp experiences from adventure camps, aquatic camps and beachside camps.

UP camp
UP camp
UP camp