Welcome to Paracombe Primary & Preschool

We invite you to visit us and consider becoming an active participant in our strong community. Through community we thrive is more than our motto. We celebrate that we have many generations of families who continue to thrive at Paracombe.

Our buildings and grounds are in a picturesque nature setting. We celebrate the fact that we are both in the country and close to the city. We are proud of our heritage.

With our focus on connection with each other, community, high quality teaching and learning, we foster in our students a love of inquiry and agency for learning and life. Our families have deliberately chosen to attend a small school and all students are keen to support each other to be successful.

In 2022 we celebrated the establishment of our onsite preschool ensuring continuity of learning experiences from playgroup to preschool and through to primary school.

We have an exciting future as we continue to strive to provide the highest standards of education.

We invite you to come and meet us.

Bianca Laister (Principal) & John Day (Chairperson)

Community Focus

Staff and students work together weekly to build our community profile: gardening, cooking, building in metal and restoring, maintaining and creating school treasures. We are lucky to be supported in these endeavours by a strong volunteer base.

paracombe preschool


Our preschool and Mini Explorers nature playgroup focuses on experiences in our local natural environment. We encourage children’s interests and sense of identity and guide them in their successes and discoveries. The preschool program is located next to Paracombe Primary School. The new facility finished construction in 2022.

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paracombe junior primary

Junior Primary

We acknowledge students in the Early Years learn best through playful learning. Students engaged in play learn about themselves, their environment, people and the world around them; how to solve problems, get along with others, develop healthy personalities and leadership skills, and also develop fine and gross motor skills needed to grow and learn. Literacy and Numeracy lessons are based on enriched tasks that are relevant to real life learning. Buddy programs with older students help settle younger children into school life, enriching the sense of community throughout our school.

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paracombe middle primary

Middle Primary

In years 2 to 3, students become more independent; they communicate with others more effectively and they begin to develop an ability to take positive actions for their wellbeing. In these years we seek to build the level of participation and intrinsic interest that a student shows in school. The engagement in schoolwork involves both behaviours (such as persistence, effort, attention) and attitudes (such as motivation, positive learning values, enthusiasm, interest, pride in success)

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paracombe upper primary

Upper Primary

In upper primary, students are challenged to take further responsibility for their learning, and encouraged to explore their leadership skills through collaborating with and assisting younger children in group tasks. We provide a safe and secure learning environment with high expectations, incorporating cross-curricular, interdisciplinary and integrated learning approaches with inquiry-based learning to consolidate their understanding of the world around them. Individual interests are recognised and furthered through our Now, New, Next framework.

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